Making medium connections just for yourself? Exploring a professional path? We'll help you communicate more effectively and confidently with the Spirit World — while you grow on your spiritual path.

Connect With Confidence and Consistency

You’ve already learned some basics.

You’ve connected with your own loved ones. You’ve practiced a bit with peers or in a development circle.

You might not think of yourself as a “medium.” (Yet.)

Or maybe you’re exploring the idea of professional mediumship.

Either way … you wish you felt more confident. You still get stuck in your head. And you want to become more skilled overall.

I wholeheartedly recommend this class.

"Life doesn’t give us many opportunities to be part of a group that’s not competitive, where you’re sincerely cheering each other on, but this class did just that.

We shared laughter and tears of joy and it was truly an experience I’ll never forget.

If you're on the fence about signing up, I wholeheartedly recommend it."

–Diana D., Dec. 2022

Your Questioning Mind: Is it Really Spirit?

Sometimes you’re sure you’ve made a genuine connection. But you don’t always know. And sometimes it feels like you’re getting bits and pieces more than complete information or messages.

In fact, you still question yourself: “Is this information truly coming from Spirit? Or is it just my own mind?” You wish you could discern more clearly.

Welcome to Evidential Mediumship Level 1

Level 1 is all about deepening your ability to make strong, consistent mediumship connections. With our holistic focus, it’s also about helping you identify and address your personal blocks — especially that voice of doubt that lives in your head!

Our unique teaching team of two professional mediums and one professional coach will guide you, alternating between instruction and practice sessions.

Join Our Safe, Supportive Learning Community

We know your "inner judge" voice is loud enough — you don’t need anyone else adding to it!

We are extremely intentional in creating a very safe, supportive and structured class environment.

Class size is small. It is always safe to make mistakes … or to have that practice reading when absolutely nothing comes to you. We support you through all of that and more. And we always champion your growth.

A New Teaching Approach

There's no "one size fits all." Every person connects a little differently! That’s why we teach with three core instructors of two mediums and a coach, plus a licensed psychologist as guest faculty.

You'll learn the mechanics of mediumship, and how to work harmoniously with your body, emotions, nervous system and energy.

I learned so much, had so many questions answered!

"I highly recommend Amy, Sharon, and Nancy. They are very talented and knowledgeable, and they freely shared their knowledge with our group.

The course content was well organized and they did a great job of building community with the participants. "

- Paige B., Nov. 2022

What You'll Learn

Optional pre-class: Review of the Four Main "Clairs"

Class 1: Setting the Tone for Your Readings; Demonstration Readings by Instructors; Discussion

Class 2: Sitting in the Power; Connecting With Your Soul

Class 3: Identifying the Relationship of Your Spirit Communicator to Your Sitter

Class 4 (Dr. Lynn Karjala, lead instructor): Your "Critical Voice" Part 1: Understanding Your Psychological and Emotional Blocks in Your Mediumship

Classes 5 & 6: Individual Spiritual Assessments (psychic mini readings from your 3 instructors to pinpoint your mediumship strengths and development areas)

Class 7: Holding Compassion for All Parties; Managing and Minimizing Your Judgments, Biases and Resonance

Class 8 (Dr. Lynn Karjala, lead instructor): Your “Critical Voice” Part 2: More Tools for Centering, Unblending and Psychological Containment; plus Understanding and Managing Your Sitter’s Critical Voice (Grief, Skepticism and Disappointment)

Class 9, 10 and 11: Deepening the Conversation with Your Spirit Communicator Through the Clairs and Asking Useful Questions

Class 12: Recap Your Journey, Consider Next Steps, and Close

Plus 6 full-group practices with your 3 core instructors interspersed with instructional classes.

Robust Learning Format and Materials

  • Live meetings via video (Zoom platform)
  • 18 meetings, 90 minutes each
  • Meetings include interactive instructional classes and group practices
  • Real-time demonstrations of medium readings, specially structured for learning and insight into the process
  • Information, hands-on exercises, interaction, homework
  • Individual Assessments, Channeled Messages for the class from Guides
  • All class recordings and materials available for 1 year in your WMA account
  • Discussion board for only your class group (and not through Facebook)
  • Maximum 25 students

Meet Your Core Team of Instructors

Amy Utsman

Medium and Psychic | Co-Founder and Teacher, Whole Medium Academy | Trance Medium
Read bio

Nancy P. Scheel

Coach and Energy Psychology Practitioner | Co-Founder and Teacher, Whole Medium Academy | Instructional Design Specialist

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Sharon B. Jones

Spirit Medium and Psychic | Instructor with Whole Medium Academy | Intuitive | Reiki Practitioner 

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Unforgettable spiritual growth

Level 1 Mediumship was truly an amazing experience! The course was led by two highly respected mediums and a professional coaching expert, making it a top-notch program.

Before attending the course, I did not fully comprehend what it takes to develop my mediumship abilities, but this course exceeded my expectations. It helped me grow in ways I never imagined, and as a result, my connection to the other side has become stronger and more expansive.

If you are interested in connecting with spirits and want to continue on your journey in a safe and non-judgmental environment while learning about yourself along the way, then I highly recommend this course."

- Juliet Bowen, co-host of Amplify Your Soul podcast, August 2023

Why Choose This Class?

We accelerate your progress. Our non-judgmental environment plus our approach to holistic and spiritual development rapidly increases your growth.

We keep our class size small. We can support your development best when we're not spread too thin.

We’re good with analytical thinkers. Intuition comes in all flavors, and we help you find your own style and abilities.

We are grounded. We keep our focus on mediumship skills, boundaries, safe practice, self-care and self-management.

We teach as a multidisciplinary team. You get the complementary perspectives of Amy Utsman and Sharon Jones as professional mediums, Nancy Scheel as a professional coach, and Dr. Lynn Karjala as a licensed psychologist specializing in trauma treatment.

"A divinely inspired course in mediumship."

"Amy, Sharon and Nancy provided an immersion into the practices, techniques and perspectives that empowered me, and other classmates, to truly connect with spirits on the other side of the veil.

Their beautiful energy, keen insight and gentle nature supported the ideal environment for all of us to learn and grow as mediums."

-Mike Reagan, August 2023

All the Details

Evidential Mediumship Level 1 will be held weekly on Tuesdays, 7:00-8:30 pm Eastern Time.

Class limited to 25 people.

Application required — apply here.

Class dates: Sep 17, 24; Oct 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; Nov 5, 12; Dec 3, 10, 17; Jan 7, 14, 21, 28; Feb 4, 11, 2025.

Price: $995

Refund policy: Full refund minus $50 administrative fees available through Sep. 1, 2024. Due to limited class size, no refunds after Sep 1.

Payment Plan Available: Total of $1,075 (three equal payments of $376.25.) To use this option, please contact us directly.

Have questions about the program?

Call us at 404.273.6861

We know it can be hard to decide if this class is right for you! We'll be happy to answer your questions.