Sharon B. Jones

Spirit Medium and Psychic | Instructor with Whole Medium Academy | Intuitive | Reiki Practitioner

Sharon is a professional medium and psychic who mentored extensively with Mavis Pittilla as both a reader and teacher. A seasoned leader of spiritual development circles, she brought her many talents to the faculty and curriculum development team of Whole Medium Academy in 2022.

Sharon's Story

From Curiosity to Calling

Sharon first came to mediumship with curiosity. The more she learned, the more her interest intensified. Before she knew it, her curiosity had blossomed into a calling.

Early Years

In the first half of her adult life, Sharon raised her children and worked in the corporate world to support her family. At the time, she’d assumed this was her life’s purpose. But along the way, she became very clear: In the future, she would only work in roles where she could be of service to people.

Artistry and Creativity

Life changed dramatically when she met Lee, an artist (and her future husband). She became an artist herself, expressing and manifesting her creativity with abandon for the first time ever.

A New Fascination

At midlife, she experienced a profound opening during a meditation. This led her to explore why she was so moved when watching mediumship demonstrations. She searched far and wide for community and learning, finding a development circle that ultimately led her to mentor with Mavis Pittilla for many years.

Professional Mediumship

As her skills grew, Sharon began offering private readings and running development circles of her own. And, she discovered a love for teaching mediumship. She met Amy Utsman in 2018 and joined Whole Medium Academy as an instructor in 2022.

A Specialist With Beginners

Sharon loves to work with beginner students, nurturing them with kindness and acceptance to support their unfolding, connecting, and coming alive. She encourages them to focus on what they’ve done well. She believes and teaches that being kind to oneself and loving oneself are the basis of compassion. For her, the most precious moment is seeing new students begin to believe in themselves.

Sharon holds mediumship as a journey of self-development, a way for each person to develop the unique gift they have to offer people here and in the spirit world.