Dr. Lynn Karjala

Licensed Psychologist | Author | Specialist in Trauma and DID | Conventional and Innovative Modalities | Coach | Clinician Trainer

Dr. Lynn Karjala is a Harvard-educated author and psychologist specializing in the treatment of trauma in all its forms.

Through her 30+ years of work in the field, she has empowered thousands of clients, readers and fellow clinicians through treatment, training, authorship and psychoeducation.

Among her other professional activities, she brings her expertise to Whole Medium Academy, collaborating with Nancy Scheel to accelerate the growth and confidence of WMA's developing mediums.

More about Dr. Karjala

Dr. Karjala is known for her model of the “critical voice,” a near-universal inner protective “part” that hinders growth and development.

As well, she uses and teaches both conventional and innovative treatment modalities, and advocates combining the two as an efficient and effective treatment approach to major trauma as well as “everyday” traumas.

Dr. Karjala held the office of President of the Association for Energy Psychology (ACEP) and served on its board of directors for 13 years. She headed ACEP's training and certification committee for the Comprehensive Energy Psychology clinician training program, and she was instrumental in program development and delivery. Numerous clinicians mentored under her to obtain their certification.


Georgia State University: Respecialization, Clinical Psychology

University of Massachusetts at Amherst: Ph.D., Developmental Psychology

University of Hawaii at Manoa: M.A., Developmental Psychology

Harvard University: A.B., Social Relations

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