Build sustained trust in yourself and your ability to serve Spirit.

The innovative “Clear/ Create/Transform” method blends psychology, coaching and energy healing.

Blocks in Mediumship Mirror Blocks in Life

When you learn and practice mediumship, sooner or later, you’ll come face to face with your doubts, fears and limiting beliefs.

If you’ve struggled in life with issues such as people-pleasing, ineffective boundaries, distrust of others, perfectionism, undervaluing yourself, and so on — these issues will also show up as blocks in your development as a medium.

You Can't Just "Think" Blocks Away

Internal blocks are held in place by your energy system — the integrated “field” of your thoughts, emotions, body and field.

You’ve likely already discovered you can’t just “think” your way past these problems! Too often, mediumship teachers or programs identify these blocks — but don’t offer effective ways to release or heal them.

Nancy will guide you in individual coaching to:


Internal blocks

Limiting beliefs

Negative feelings


Authentic trust in yourself

Empowering beliefs

New possibilities and opportunities


Self-doubt into self-confidence

Fear into trust

Self-criticism into self-support

Shame into self-love

Our Students Say:

"Extremely effective in overcoming limiting beliefs"

"Working with Nancy on energy management was extremely effective in calming my mind and body and overcoming limiting beliefs. I was able to let go of fears that were impacting my health and life. I now have a tool bag filled with techniques I can call upon whenever needed." - K.B.

When Practice Doesn't Make Perfect

You may have found that no matter how much you practice your mediumship skills, you still ...

  • Struggle with doubt or self-esteem
  • Lack confidence or devalue yourself
  • Experience anxiety, fear, frustration or shutting down 

No doubt you've noticed these obstacles can impede your ability to ...

  • Feel comfortable going into a reading
  • Hold sustained, strong connections
  • Deepen your conversations with your Spirit Communicator
  • Charge appropriately for your services
  • Maintain healthy boundaries

Coaching Bridges the Gap

Individual coaching complements skill development by focusing on your emotional and psychological hindrances.

Coaching is not therapy and does not address major trauma. But the "Clear, Create, Transform" coaching method helps you free yourself from the negativity and emotional grip of the conscious or unconscious "judge" in your head.

Who Benefits from Individual Coaching?

Mediums, psychics and other intuitives who are:

Beginners or Developing

Semi-professional or Professional

Step FULLY Into Your Power

When I first experienced the impact of the “Clear, Create and Transform” methodology, I’d been doing executive, career and life coaching professionally for over 15 years. I'd used traditional coaching methods, such as deep conversations for insight, coupled with supportive practices between sessions.

In 2017, I signed up with a practitioner to work on some personal issues of my own. She used alternative protocols, leading me through steps of breathwork, visualization, chakra clearing and meridian tapping, while also blending in precise language techniques to desensitize, reframe and “install” new beliefs, thoughts and emotion states.

Well, wow! I was so impressed with the efficiency and results, I went through rigorous training and certification to use this method with my own coaching clients.

When Amy Utsman and I founded Whole Medium Academy, I realized the method was perfect for people on their mediumship journey. After all, mediums are already used to working with energy!

If you choose to work with me, we can quickly release many of the common blocks that prevent mediums from accessing their full personal and intuitive power.

Our Students Say:

"More myself — in just one session"

"From just my one coaching session with Nancy, I've had several amazing work experiences where I really felt more relaxed, myself and authentic.

I also had a crucial work meeting with a C-suite member that couldn't have gone better! I normally freak out in one-on-one meetings, so it was really wonderful to be able to articulate things comfortably.

And, my mediumship practice has been going much better, too. I can't thank Nancy enough!" -A.J.

Coaching Packages and How to Book

If you are actively participating in WMA's Foundations, Level 1, Level 2, Group Coaching or Individual Mentoring:

  • Coaching with Nancy is via Zoom. You'll start with a 90-minute session focused around one block.
  • Optionally, follow-up sessions can be booked a la carte (90-minute or 60-minute).
  • Session prices are significantly discounted from the regular price.
  • Please contact Nancy directly to book a session or learn more.

If you are not in any of the above classes:

  • Coaching with Nancy is via Zoom. You'll start with a 3-session package, focused around on one main issue or block.
  • Initial packages start with a 90-minute session and can be followed by 90-minute or 60-minute sessions.
  • Initial packages start at $750.
  • If desired, continuation can be via package or a la carte.
  • Schedule a discovery call to learn more.