What is Your WMA Skill Level?


This is where we all start! Foundations for Mediumship is an early or beginning stage of development.

Our Foundations Level is likely the right fit for you if:

  • You’re new to mediumship and just exploring
  • You have no experience making mediumship connections
  • You have had unintentional connections (signs) with your own loved ones
  • You may have taken one or two other introductory courses and learned a few basics, but you're still exploring
  • You don't know what the clairs are, or you aren't sure how your intuition or clairs work
  • You would like to connect with your Guides

Level 1

Our Level 1 encompasses a range of development. This level is appropriate for avid personal-interest practitioners and those aspiring to eventually charge for their reading services.

Our Level 1 is likely the right fit for you if:

  • You've previously taken one or more classes on mediumship
  • You've had some practice making connections for others in class or a circle
  • You understand the clairs and the basics of how your intuition works

Our Level 1 is also likely the right fit for you if:

  • You may lose your connection or have difficult maintaining it once you've gone into your head (conscious mind steps in)
  • You’re seeking to deepen your connection with Spirit and/or Spirit Communicators
  • You want to develop more confidence or consistency in your mediumship connections
  • You connect slowly, and/or information comes a bit at a time
  • You want to provide more evidential information
  • You are unable to isolate your clairs, and/or one or more needs further development

Level 2

This level is for people who are able to make strong medium connections with the Spirit World for sitters. At Level 2, we polish our skills, delve into specialty topics, and further deepen our commitment and connection with Spirit.

Our Level 2 is likely a fit for you if:

  • Your readings provide many details that the sitter accepts as evidence of their loved ones
  • You connect with multiple Spirit Communicators during a session
  • Your readings are structured and typically flow fairly easily
  • Your messages are deep and personalized to the sitter
  • You answer questions that the sitter has not necessarily verbally asked
  • You are able to hold a strong mediumship connections for at least 30 minutes

Book a Skill Assessment with Amy Utsman

Our skill assessment provides you with personalized feedback. You'll submit a recording of one of your readings (up to 30 minutes).

Amy will then review it with you, providing detailed feedback on areas of strength and aspects for further development.