Grow Your Skills, Deepen Your Connections

Our Spiritual Development Circles are a safe, supportive place for you to practice making mediumship connections -- with your own loved ones, and/or others.


Professional Mediums, Expert Teachers

Amy Utsman and Sharon Jones are professional mediums with extensive teaching experience. Each leads their own circle, but they share similar teaching philosophies and methods.

Both will support and guide you, helping you to develop at your pace and level.

They are known for helping learners and practitioners build confidence. You'll learn to trust yourself, your abilities and Spirit, as you build your skills.

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What's Circle Like? What You Can Expect?

At Whole Medium Academy, in everything we do, we set a tone of mutual respect, support and camaraderie.

Our circles are a safe, non-judgmental space, ideal for learning and growth. We are here to assist in your spiritual unfoldment ... egos need not apply! :-)

And, while this is sacred work, we still have lots of fun while learning!

When you join one of our circles, you can expect:

  • An intimate setting with a maximum of 20 participants per circle meeting
  • Two-hour session each time
  • Expert, compassionate guidance and teaching from your Circle leader
  • Continuity of instructors: Sharon's group is run only by Sharon; Amy's group is run only by Amy. No instructor rotations or inconsistent methodologies.
  • Develop your spiritual abilities at your own pace
  • Q & A time at the beginning of each meeting
  • Support and community with like-minded people

How Does It Work?

You can purchase one (1) session at a time, or a package of four (4) at a time.

You are not required to come to every weekly session. You determine what's best for you. (However, the more consistently you practice, the more you'll progress!)

You may join Circle with or without taking a Whole Medium Academy class at the same time.

You may switch between Sharon's and Amy's circles, as space permits.

We encourage you to create your own individual goals, and come to Circle prepared to work towards them during session.

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Circle with Sharon Jones

Sharon's circle meets weekly on Saturdays, 12:00-2:00pm Eastern Time.

First Circle meeting is March 11, 2023.

Sharon specializes in working with beginners, but all levels are welcome.

Choose Sharon's circle if your primary goals include any of the following:

  • Connect with your own loved ones
  • Explore and understand your natural strengths, including the "clairs"
  • Grow your confidence in being able to connect and to hold the connection
  • Learn how to build two-way communication with communicators from the Spirit World

Circle with Amy Utsman

Amy's circle meets weekly on Thursdays, 12:00-2:00pm Eastern Time.

First Circle meeting is March 9, 2023.

Amy specializes in working with intermediate and advanced students, but all levels are welcome to join.

Choose Amy's circle if your primary goals include any of the following:

  • Deepen your mediumship connections
  • Isolate and strengthen your individual clairs
  • Grow your confidence and flexibility in working with all kinds of communicators in the Spirit world
  • May be exploring semi-professional or professional path in mediumship

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Choose a Pricing Option

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join a Circle session?

Upon purchasing one or more sessions, we'll send you further instructions via email on how to sign up for specific meeting dates along with the Zoom link.

Be sure to check your Spam/Junk if you do not receive our email.

Can I Switch Between Amy's and Sharon's sessions?

Yes. You can switch at any time -- and you can switch back again. We want to you find the best fit for your development.

Is it Better to Join Circle or Take a Class?

Well, yes. :-)

You can start either way, and you can participate in Circle while also in a class.

We think doing both is the best way to accelerate your skill development, whether it's just for you, or you're thinking of a semi-professional or professional path.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Typically we do not provide refunds for circle sessions.

If you would like to "test the waters," we recommend you purchase just one session at first. You can always return and purchase more.

If you attend your first Circle session and are unhappy with it, please speak directly to your Circle leader, and they will work with you to resolve your concern.

As stated in Teachable's Terms of Use, these sessions are not covered by Teachable's 30-day student refund policy.

Can I purchase more sessions?

Absolutely! Simply return here and make your new purchase.